Monday, 23 April 2012

Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time (Rom) Emulation NO$GBA

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, known in Japan as Mario & Luigi RPG 2x2, is a role-playing game developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console in 2005. It is the second game in the Mario and Luigi RPG series, and is the sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance.

Alphadream infuses quite a bit of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island in this installment. The loony Professor E. Gadd first starts a fiasco by opening up time rifts everywhere, which causes the brothers and Princess Toadstool to get sucked into the past. 

But that’s not quite the worst of it – an evil alien race called the Shroobs have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom , and are out to take over the planet (and kidnap princesses, apparently.) Only by teaming up with their diaper-wearing doppelgangers and zipping through time can Mario and Luigi hope to save the day.

Partners in Time was positively received by the media, gaining an aggregate score of 86.80% from Game Rankings and a 87 from Metacritic. Like its predecessor, the game was praised by critics for its characterization and comical style, as well as its use of the DS's dual screen.

Download (Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time) Here :

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