Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash of Super Heroes - ON PC (MAME Emulator) Download

 It's the best of both worlds as the greatest superheroes of the Marvel Universe square off against the experienced warriors of Capcom's fighting and adventure games. Fifteen characters are initially selectable. On the Marvel side, there's Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Venom, Wolverine, Gambit, and War Machine. Representing Capcom are Captain Commando, Mega Man, Strider Hiryu, Morrigan, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Zangief. In addition, six secret characters can also be unlocked. These are Shadow-Lady, Orange Hulk, Mega-War Machine, Lilith, Hyper-Venom and Roll.

Who would win in a fight: the Incredible Hulk or Wolverine? What if Street Fighter's Ryu teamed up with Hulk, and Chun Li had Wolverine's back? Speculate no more as Marvel pits its comic book heroes against Capcom's video game stars in Marvel vs. Capcom.

All your favorite Marvel characters are available, each one a joy to play. The Hulk is huge, powerful, and slow, while Spider-Man leaps and web-slings around the arena, attacking with outrageous handsprings, flips, and lunging punches. Capcom's familiar Street Fighter heroes, as well as a few other heroes such as Mega Man, round out the character selection. Some of the lesser-known characters from both franchises make special appearances.

It's pretty funny when Arthur from the old game Ghosts N' Goblins jumps onscreen to throw lances at Captain America. Each of the battles is a two-on-two tag-team match. Players can swap characters in the middle of a fight, and clever players quickly discover how to launch devastating double-team attacks on the opponent. Up to four people can play.

  • Great cast of characters
  • Tests superiority of superheroes
  • Devastating tag-team moves
  • Faithful hero animations

(Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash of Super Heroes)

Download the game here  :

MAME UI 32 Emulator : (to play this game)


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