Thursday, 29 March 2012

Angry Birds Rio - Free full download

Angry Birds Rio games based on movies are almost always universally terrible, and this seemed like a prime situation for Rovio do to a quick cash-in on Rio, with hype around the movie and Angry Birds in general making the game sell well anyway.


Angry Birds Rio basically plays the same way, but the entire game feels like it has been upgraded. Quite a bit of the interface has been redone, there are far more things to collect, and they've even added parallax scrolling to give the game quite a bit more visual depth.

You can expect to get a lot with 60 new levels, each with a hidden fruit making it all the more compelling and possibly worth a replay. But even if you don't replay all the levels, you'll catch yourself catapulting the birds on a samba beat as the music is remade to fit the Rio theme.

How to install :

Run AngryBirdsRioInstaller_1.4.0.exe
copy the "settings.lua" file into Angry Birds Rio installation folder.
Patch the game with the help of patch
from "Serial By cristian.txt" copy the key
paste the key into the activate full version

Download (Angry Birds Rio v 1.4.0) here :

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