Sunday, 22 May 2011

Photodex ProShow Producer v4.52.3049 Video Maker Download

Blend your photography with music and videos to produce impressive multimedia slide shows. Great for promoting your business, proofing images for clients or wowing any audience.
Maximum Creative Control
Using Producer's advanced features, like Masking and Keyframing, you can easily create impressive effects in your slide shows.
Increased Productivity
Manage difficult deadlines. Productivity-boosters like show templates and settings-copying cut production time.

Create unique shows fast & easy :
Producer comes loaded with tons of creative tools for making video slideshows that are perfectly tailored to your clients, so you're not stuck with another cookie-cutter music video. Even better, custom doesn't mean time-consuming. With dozens of pre-built effects and newly released wizard, you can instantly create professonal shows that are guaranteed to wow your clients.

Less work. Faster results :
With Producer, there's no tedious uploading process or complicated production scheme. Just a streamlined workflow that allows you to spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time getting new business. Plus, you'll love the extra marketing help when it comes to new, integrated output support for websites like Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter!

Superior HD quality. Over 40 options: 
Tired of grainy web video? Whether you're creating shows for playback on TV, PC, or the Web, Producer delivers the smooth HD-quality output your clients have come to expect, and zero restrictions on quantity. Choose from over 40 output formats, including Blu-ray, HD video, DVD, and dozens of popular consumer devices.


  1. WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK ????????????????????


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