Friday, 4 March 2011

SpinnerChief (article spinner, writer, content generator..)

Why do I need SpinnerChief ?
Unique content - You need it for your website, but it is very time consuming to write good quality articles. Sure you could outsource this task, but it is costly, and you never know what quality you're going to get. Enter SpinnerChief.

What Can SpinnerChief Do ?

Take any text - it could be a PLR article, or maybe even an article you wrote yourself. Paste it in to SpinnerChief and hit the 'Identify Synonyms' button. SpinnerChief underlines all words in the article for which it has synonyms. Choose as many synonyms as you like from SpinnerChief's huge thesaurus. When you have finished, hit the 'Generate new Articles' button. SpinnerChief instantly generates as many unique articles as you want, all based on the original article, and all unique from each other - and because you chose the synonyms yourself, all articles read perfectly!

But it doesn't stop there.
SpinnerChief has a free version. Not a 'lite' or 'trial' version, but a 100% full version and totally free. SpinnerChief may be free, but it is also one of the best spinner  available. It's huge user-defined thesaurus means that its sysnonyms are words that YOU would normally use in real life, not some stuffy dictionary definition. And there's more...

Download here :


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  3. Install latest .Net Framework on your computer...

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