Sunday, 23 January 2011

The world's first U disk / MP3 chip identification tool released! ChipGenius v 3.01

ChipGenius chip model is a USB device detection tool that can automatically query U disk, MP3/MP4, card readers, removable hard disk and all other USB devices dominate the chip models, manufacturers, brands, and provide relevant information to download address. Of course, you can check USB device VID / PID information, the device name, interface speed, serial number, equipment versions. Small green software, plug and play, is the digital consumer electronics enthusiast, DIY and digital service personnel are a good helper around

Application examples:

1, the Quick Fix U disk: you can not disassemble the chip query U disk model, quickly find the corresponding production tools
2, help you identify the fake and U disk: afraid to buy counterfeit U offer? Take me at ny time (with MyDiskTest better)
3, the professional buy MP3: MP3 manufacturers generally do not say that the master plan, while the chip is an important indicator to buy MP3
4, identifying fake IPOD: IPOD I have always suspected that their own is false, they can not open, I get this task to
5, the maintenance of a good helper: Digital maintenance staff, and digital products to deal with all day, my presence is your right-hand man
6, other USB storage: to buy card readers, removable hard disk, USB-Hub ...., help you select from a professional point of comparison
7, other USB peripherals: camera, USB mouse, printer, USB sound card for demolition shell ...., Oh
8, Motherboard Chipset: see chip type, find drivers, check the motherboard performance, there I am more relaxed
9, follow-up and more mysterious features, such as you to discover ......

Download :

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