Thursday, 18 November 2010

TeamViewer 6 Beta Windows

The beta version of the new TeamViewer is waiting for you to download and test it, and be pleasantly surprised. This time, we have taken your requests from last year very seriously and specifically worked on the features that are important to you.

What is new:
Custom QuickSupport
 * When you create your individual Custom QuickSupport, enter your partner list data. As soon as your customer starts QuickSupport, it appears in your partner list, and you can reach it directly with a single click – without having to exchange an ID and password via telephone or e-mail.
* Position a personal disclaimer in QuickSupport to be legally on the safe side.
* Now, you can define the password security yourself.
* You also have the option of exchanging chat messages via QuickSupport and before establishing your TeamViewer connection, even if your customer does not have a partner list account.

Download here :

 Password :

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