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WinEdt 6 -

WinEdt 6

WinEdt™ is a powerful and versatile text editor for Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents...
WinEdt is used as a front-end for compilers and typesetting systems, such as TeX or HTML. WinEdt's highlighting schemes can be customized for different modes and its spell checking functionality supports multi-lingual setups, with dictionaries (word-lists) for many languages available for downloading from WinEdt's Community Site www.winedt.org. Contributions are welcome!


WinEdt 5 series has been around for over nine years and it is time to move on, do away with some legacy issues, and start the WinEdt 6 project. Before proceeding to install WinEdt 6, please read the following important information pertaining to upgrading:
WinEdt 6 is installed parallel to WinEdt 5 and you can continue to use WinEdt 5 and possibly uninstall WinEdt 6 if you prefer the old version. You should not attempt to install WinEdt 6 over the existing WinEdt 5.x on your system!

Major new features in WinEdt 6.0:

  • WinEdt's Interface (toolbar) has changed. A single button is now used to select and start the TeX Compiler of your choice. The drop-down menu allows you to choose from PDFLaTeX, LaTeX, XeTeX, TeX, AMSTeX, etc... Once you make your choice you can start the selected compiler by clicking on the button...

  • The new interface also features context-sensitive Compile and Preview buttons. Their meaning for TeX documents can be configured through the Execution Modes Interface...

  • Configuration Filters are used to make Menu Items and Toolbars visible or invisible depending on the configuration choice (MiKTeX, Tex Live, HTML, etc...)

  • Console Applications are by default executed in WinEdt's own Console Window. This can be customized in the Execution Modes interface.

  • Highlighting now allows specification of environment-sensitive background colors.

  • Support for compiling MetaPost documents and Documented LaTeX (DTX)...

  • And there is more... Click on the link What's New in WinEdt 6.0, below, for the complete list of all new features, bug fixes and changes!

  • DOWNLOAD HERE : http://www.easy-share.com/1912448164/WinEdt.v6.0.Build.20100317.Cracked_EAT.rar

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