Monday, 27 September 2010

Camtasia studio 6

Camtasia Studio 6 Free download : Capture and record your screen

Camtasia Studio 6 is best known for capturing screen activity with customized actions. Techsmith simplifies their marketing to a three step process when using Camtasia - Record, Edit, Share.

When recording, Camtasia can emphasize the location of the mouse and its clicks. It can capture the entire screen or a specific area, like a window.

If the workstation has a properly configured web cam and microphone, Camtasia can capture audio and web cam content integrated into video output. As part of editting, it uses a function titled 'Call Outs' to highlight a specific area of a video screen capture.

Typically, a callout might be an arrow or circle to draw attention to something on the screen.

Camtasia can also do a blur call out to hide text, such as a phone number or password, in a video. It can also highlight an area, either with a yellow highlighter or using a spotlight, which darkens the video except for a selected area. Well chosen call outs can perk up a presentation, and are simple to create.

DOWNLOAD (Camtasia studio 6 fee download) HERE :

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  1. I like what I am reading. My webcam is not operational, does that affect my use of camtasia studio?


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